Story Surveillance started as Project Brazen’s internal newsletter. We shared exciting leads and foraged for inspiration together, unearthing a goldmine of stories before realizing that we couldn’t possibly develop all of them ourselves. So our industry newsletter was born. 

Since then, we’ve rooted out a treasure trove of un-optioned IP that is begging for adaptation: from podcasts and short articles to novels and non-fiction narratives, all the stories we share have one thing in common: they captivate audiences. 

Our weekly newsletter costs $175/month, with multiple user subscriptions available upon request.

Project Brazen

Based in London, New York, and Singapore, Project Brazen tells stories others wouldn’t dare touch — podcasts, books, documentaries, TV shows, and films. We deliver award-winning, compelling narratives and global stories, taking each one from the first steps of development to international audiences.

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